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PGA Show: Things I loved Day 2

What a long and awesome day! I started at 8am and went almost all the way to 4pm straight. Lets talk about all of the cool stuff that made an appearance at the show

Footjoy Shoes

The new Premier series from Footjoy is just beautiful. The 2 years of development really paid off. They have already won on tour. One of the things FJ kept reiterating is that they design their shoes and products for golf unlike their competitors *Cough NIKE* who develop technologies for other sports then move it to golf. They also released the Hyperflex. The Hyperflex is a cool looking athletic type golf shoe. It looks super comfortable. I also personally like the fact it is a cleated shoe and not spikeless.

Shot Scope Strokes Gained

If you are not sure what Shot Scope is let me introduce you to them. They are a shot tracking application. Instead of using a phone to help tag shots they use a GPS watch which frees you up from having to carry a phone. They have had shot tracking for years but today they introduced strokes gained. You may have seen strokes gained on the PGA Tour broadcast. Its an awesome way to evaluate your game. Expect more on the page about Shot Scope and how its products can help your game

Altaz Golf

Who hasnt struggled to shoot the pin with their rangefinder before? Sometimes you are wearing glasses or maybe your hand is a little shaky. Well Altaz golf hopes to be the answer. With a pop out screen that makes the need to look into the rangefinder obsolete it could be a HUGE win for people who wear glasses and others who struggle keeping the rangefinder still. Its amazing that no one has thought of doing something as genius and simple as this before. Keep an eye out for more information as it gets closer to launch.

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