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New Srixon Z Series Golf ball

A couple of days ago while I was wondering around the PGA Tour Superstore waiting on some clubwork to be done I ended up noticing a new Srixon Golf ball package. The box looked different and while it doest automatically mean a new ball its also a good indicator. Fast forward a few hours and I was scrolling on Twitterand see Srixon has dropped a teaser for a new golf ball. BINGO! I knew I saw something special. Now that we know I saw lets take a look.

FastLayer Core

Srixon has engineered an all new core for the Z series. The core is designed to be softer in the middle to much harder on the outer portions, The reason for this is spin and launch control. With the driver the core will compressfully but when you are using your irons or wedges the core wont fully compress so spin and launch will be optimized. Its a nifty idea and one that should produce awesome results

New SeRM Spinskin

Spinskin is the name Srixon has given to their urethane cover. SeRM was added a few years ago and its a material that helps increase the grip the ball has on the club. This means the golfer will generate the highest amount of greenside spin as possible. With wedges you generate a lot of spin but at the same time since its a small shot without much speed golfers need anything to help increase that spin rate

New 338 Dimple cover

Like some of the other competitors on the market Srixon is reengineering its dimple pattern. The dimple pattern on a golf ball is incredibly important so when a company makes a major change it is actually big news. Srixon has changed the dimple pattern to provide more stability in the ball flight. This is great in windy conditions as well as every day play. They have figured out a way to provide less drag and more lift which increases distance. I would argue it wont pick up 5 yards but 1 or 2 yards is possible!

Final Thoughts

Im a big fan of Srixon and their golf balls. They are a quality golf ball that has won on Tour many times over. Srixon isnt a company that releases stuff just to release it and this golf ball should be no different! The Z series is usally worth a look!

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