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G Trak Hitting Net

Every Decemeber I hear stories about the “Death of the PGA Show”. While the show is smaller than it used to be and a lot of the “big boys” have pulled out the show is still a very critical place for business to happen. Who its most important to is the folks who need a spot at the show to showcase their product and get lots of people to see it at once.

Todays product from the PGA Show is a prime example of a brilliant product that just needs the exposure. The G Trak hitting net system could change the way we think of hitting nets and simulators

The Idea and Start

Living in Texas I am lucky enough to have a 12 month golf season. For a lot of people in the country that is simply not the case. Like most great ideas this one came from boredom while unable to play golf. Mr Holden looked around his house and realized he didnt have the room to actually swing a golf club. He took his clubs out to the garage and started swinging them out there. He researched some products and ended up buying a golf net he could hit into. He began to rig up his net and realized how much of a pain it was to rig up everytime he wanted to hit and then take it down when his wife wanted to park her car in the garage. Not to mention the storage issue of keeping a 16 foot screen in his garage.

The idea becomes a reality

Mr Holden had produced his own rig of PVC Pipe, chain and a simple golf net. After getting tired of taking it down and setting it back up everytime he used it, he made a change. He began rolling it up and taping the net and chain up so he could leave it permanently up without it affecting the operation of the garage door. It sat like that for a few months before inspiration struck again. This time in the way of an automatic awning.

“I watched my neighbors sit down on their back lawn and they have an awning and Im watching the awning roll out and then roll it back” Mr Holden said “it dawned on me. If I put in an awning tube motor and their remote control I can do this, and thats how it started”

Once that prototype worked it all began to come in place. He found a way to rig it up where the brackets sat ON the garage door track not IN the garage track. He was able to rig it up so that he could open the garage door when he needed and use the G Trak with the garage door open or closed

The Product

Its quite simple yet absolutley brilliant at the same time. Its a hitting next that is designed to work in your garage. It has a bracket that goes around your garage door track and a motor that prevents you from having to go up and rig it yourself. A simple press of a button and the net retracts and you or your spouse can pull right in with no problem! I know now youre asking what if I am outside with the boys when my Wife hits the garage door button and it starts raising? Nothing. Your nets and G Trak are not ruined. All she will do is nod disapprovingly while she has to wait a whopping 120 seconds for it to retract up so she can pull in. The G Trak is also able to withstand baseball, hockey pucks, and just about any other ball sport you can think of. The G- Trak is currently offered in 2 models. The first model is the G-Trak Player which is just the multi sport net. The second model is the G Trak Boss which has the multi sport net and the Golf Screen which will turn the G Trak into a projector screen allowing you to use the product with a simulator.

For more information or to order head over to

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