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Review: Finn Scooters

You have probably seen those cool motorcycle golf carts all over social media and wondered what the hell is the deal? Well I took a trip to a local course that has them and I am here to tell you exactly what the deal is!

What are Finn Scooters?

The easiest way to describe them is a combination of a 2 wheel motor scooter and a golf cart. Everything feels like a motorcycle at the speed of a golf cart. From the handle bars to the feel of the wind in your face its an experience for sure.

Finn Scooters are a new venture from a big name in the golf industry. When I found out these were made by Sun Mountain I was pretty surprised. I have always thought of Sun Mountain as a really nice golf bag but didnt see them venturing into the motorized scooter space.

The process of getting on a Finn was a pretty easy one. I went to their website and went to the locations tab. I found the course I wanted to go to and booked a tee time. Upon arrival I told the pro shop I wanted to use a Finn. They told me to download the app. If you live in a decent size city you may have used or seen one of those rental scooters. The check in and buying purchase follows the same concept as that. Scan the scooter, pay through the app, load up your bag, and away you go!

A Ton of Fun

The thing that interested me the most was simply how much fun they looked. It also looked like another way to get more people interested in the game. It did also look a little unsafe but sometimes you have to take the good with the bad. Getting behind the handle bars everything I was reading about the easy controls was spot on. The Finn app also does a good job of explaining how the scooter works. Front and rear brakes and a thumb accelerator on the right side. As far as speed goes, it felt like the same speed as a regular golf cart. I was also surprised how stable the whole thing felt. Turning was easy and smooth. Going over “rough” terrain felt great as well. The most subtle part of the whole thing was the golf club kick stand. It was a nice little touch

One of the benefits that people who walk the course often cite to express that walking isnt slower is that everyone goes to their balls rather than cart partners going from one ball to another. Its honestly one I cant argue with. When everyone goes straight to their balls the game is faster. Finn scooters allows everyone to do that in a motorized way. Hell you could turn that into its own contest. First one to the green etc.

Not all Perfect

It was a ton of fun but there are still going to be some drawbacks. As a shorter guy it was a little long. I mean I get it, the golf bag has to go between my legs but that doesnt mean it was easy. The most obvious draw back was the lack of shelter from the blistering TX heat. A golf cart has a roof but the Finn obviously doesnt. Against this heat any kind of shade is appreciated but its pretty obvious there wont be that shade. The biggest gripe though is the lack of ANY place to put a scorecard. I would like something somewhere to put the scorecard. I threw mine in the ball pocket so it wasnt a massive inconvenience but man did I hate that.

Final Thoughts

Im going to be honest with you all, I am not a bicycle or motorcycle guy. I didnt learn to ride a bike until I was probably 12 or 13. As a kid I would walk to my friends house instead of a bike. I sure as hell wasnt getting on a motorized bicycle. Despite not being a thrill seeker I loved this thing. Ripping it full speed down the first fairway was a really fun experience. It actually felt cool.

Is it ever going to replace traditional carts? Hell no. Do I see a 60 year old man who plays 4 times a week busting one of these out, probably not. Will I seek out a course again because they have Finns? Probably not. If I go to a course and they have Finns will I pay the extra 5 or 6 bucks to rent one? Absolutely! If I lived on a private course and could take my own cart, I would easily buy a Finn and take it out all the time. It was one of the rare new experiences I have experienced on a golf course and I got to say it was well worth the premium. Simply a ton of fun!

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