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Titleist T-Series Irons 2021

Its getting into summer time and that means some companies are going to leak out some stuff on tour. Today started the possible “avalanche” of releases. Titleist began tour seeding for their new irons. Lets take a look at the new stuff!

T100 and T100S

When redesigning an iron used by the likes of Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas you better make it better and not rock the boat too much. Since we dont have a ton of info on the specs its hard to say that much as changed. I would imagine the tungsten in the head is staying. If I had to guess we could see a slightly thinner face to increase ball speed and distance could be in the works. The cavity is also a half cavity so some weight lower in the club head to produce a higher ball flight.

The biggest takeaway from this is the look. I have to say Titleist has done a great job of hiding the technology. Thats something we see a lot of “better” players want. No plasticky badges, no crazy big club heads, and minimal stamping. They really nailed this. Titleist has always done a great job of hiding their tech and keeping the clubs clean. The T100 and T100S keep this tradition going forward.

I do have one bone to pick though… They sure look ALOT like the old original Hogan PTX irons. I mean come on!

T200 Irons

T200 irons move away from the betters players shape and we move to a game improvement iron. Thicker top lines, wider soles, faster ball speeds are the name of the game. Dont be surprised to see strong lofts to squeeze every bit of distance out of these.

The current T200’s dont do much for me in the looks department. The weight/ wheel looking thing in the cavity is ugly to me but Titleist is going back to their roots and hiding some of that tech really well. This new model has really cleaned up the badging. Like most Titleist irons we can expect a great performing and looking product.

Final Thoughts

We may not have a ton of info on these but the last T irons were big hits. Great performers that looked and felt great at the same time. Should be a very exciting release this year.

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