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Srixon Q Star Tour Divide

Earlier this year Srixon released a new version of their “budget” urethane covered golf ball named the Q Star Tour. At the same time they released the Divide line up as well.

The Divide golf ball was a tinted urethane golf ball. A lot of the colored golf balls on the market use paint to color the golf ball but the issue with that is the paint cant chip and scuff. With a tinted Urethane it is built into the cover so those worries are not a concern. Why have 2 different colors? Well, Srixon claims the first and biggest benefit is the ability to line up the ball properly. The other benefit is the ability to “see the spin”. Srixon claims this allows you to improve your speed and consistency on your chips and pitches.

Whats new?

Today Srixon announced some additions to the lineup. The original color was Red/Yellow. We are also getting a Blue/Yellow for all the Michigan fans and a Yellow and Orange colorway. I think the color ways look awesome and should provide some personality out on the course.

Final Thoughts

When I tried the Q Star Tour a couple years ago, I liked it a lot. Great feeling Urethane golf ball at a good price. Since then the DTC golf ball has come out and changed the game a lot. I think its a good move by Srixon to stay one step ahead with some always changing tech that the smaller DTC brands simply cant do!

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