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Review: Q Star Tour Divide

When Srixon announced the Q Star Tour Divide golf balls I knew I wanted to get my hands on some and provide a review. I have taken these out for 36 holes, 2 short game practice sessions, and a trip to the simulator. The Q Star Tour has been around for a few years but Srixon changed the entire paint scheme with these. Lets go over the Q Star Tour specs:

  • 3 Piece Construction
  • Urethane Cover
  • 72 Compression
  • $32.99/ dzn

What’s to like

One belief I promote is that almost every golfer who is even a little serious about golf should be playing a urethane golf ball. I also know that the price of Urethane golf balls can make people be a little weary so when I see a golf ball for $15 less than a top of the line Tour ball I jump on it. I still expect great performance though.

The biggest concern I have with these less expensive and softer golf balls is the spin off the driver. On the simulator the results were good. I did notice a slight uptick on the spin rate with the driver but nothing that significantly affected distance. Im talking about 100 RPM difference between it and a ProV1. Out on the course though I saw 0 issues. In fact my shortest shot was around 240 and the longest was 296. No distance issues AT ALL.

The next concern is how they perform greenside. One thing I pride myself on is my chipping and small pitches game. Its really what helps me score. I always jokingly say if I am going to miss greens I should be good at wedges to give myself a shot at par. I expect a lot out of the golf ball greenside and these less expensive urethane balls can be hit or miss but I am happy to say that this ball did everything I expected it to. If I hit a high shot that needed to land soft and stick, it did that beautifully. If I wanted to hit a chip with lots of run it did that too. My most memorable shot with the divide was a 35 yard wedge shot. As soon as I hit it the guy I was paired with yelled “Sit Down!”. As soon it hit it stopped, and rolled right next to the cup giving me an easy par putt.

The most interesting aspect of this ball though is the Divide paint scheme. The ball really turns heads. I was playing by myself and caught a group. I hit my drive and one of the guys instantly goes, “What ball was that? It looked awesome off the face”. Now besides turning heads it did have some benefits. I am not usually a line guy but I really wanted to give the divide tech a go so I did line up putts. I found it much easier to line up than a line. I also found it very useful in helping me establish my line. I was also a HUGE fan of watching the ball spin on wedge shots. Was it super useful? Probably not but it was fun to watch.

Final Thoughts

As I keep thinking about ways I would improve this ball I keep coming up empty. I love the Divide paint scheme. I love the performance from the ball all across the bag from top to bottom. The only real complaint I would have is the color options. I think Srixon would have a real winner if they offered some of these as a white/ color combo. With all of that being said the ball is a real winner and for $32 bucks it is hard to beat!

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