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2021 Taylormade P790

Back in 2017 PXG essentially created a new iron category when they came onto the scene. Shortly after Taylormade came out with something so close PXG sued them. The club that caused all the controversy and really help usher in the new “players distance” category was the Taylormade P790. In 2019 we saw Taylormade introduce the second generation which was basically a clone of the 2017 model.IN 2021 we are getting gen. 3. Gen 3 looks much different. It looks like it had a bad break up and is in that “Revenge Body” mood. It got lighter, skinnier, and sleeker. In short it got…sexier. Now dont get me wrong all that good stuff comes with a hefty price tag but man, it may be worth it.

Whats New?

We can break the changes down in 2 different ways internal and external. Lets talk internal goods first because that is what makes a difference in performance.

Taylormade has always used their Speedfoam to get more ball speed but honestly it is in there for acoustic purposes if you talk to most folks in the industry. For the first time we are getting a new version of the Speedfoam called Speedfoam Air. They somehow made foam less dense and lighter. Taylormade is claiming a weight reduction of 69%. Nice. In addition to the lighter foam TM has made the face even thinner taking it down to a millimeter. In total there is about 20 grams worth of weight saved. In the past I have talked a lot about saving EVERY gram so you can play with it to get better launch conditions or add some forgiveness. The question when saving weight is what to do with the savings. Taylormade decided to increase the amount of Tungsten they use. They increased from 13.5 grams to 31 grams. That is a lot of tungsten. That gives them more ability to work on the forgiveness and optimize launch. With the new placement of the tungsten Taylormade is claiming they have increased the sweet spot by 30%. They have also optimized the face design to help get that forgiveness

Now that Taylormade has taken the 790 to therapy and worked on its internals, its ready to emerge with a new look to help complete the makeover. Taylormade can tell me it didnt change the top line all it wants to and it may measure the same but having seen it in person it looks much thinner. I also got to take a few cuts and it sounds great as well. It could end up being a real winner for Taylormade.

Final Thoughts

Having it hit it I am already a fan. I was a fan of the previous model. A really good player I know played the 2017 and nothing could beat them. I wouldnt be surprised to see a lot of guys who play the 2017 model do the switch. With the change in cosmetics I could see 2019 guys switching as well.

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