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Duca Del Coma Camelot Golf Shoes

When we talk about the golf swing one of the biggest things we hear is to “use the ground” to create speed. Well there is one thing that connects you to the ground and that is your shoes. When looking for shoes you need comfort, style, and grip in all conditions. Did the Duca Del Cosma Camelot meet those requirements? Lets check it out!

Duca Del Cosma?

Yup! I had the same thought when I first received these shoes. I hadnt heard of them but I did do some research. The company was founded in 2004 and sought to bring some Italian flair and quality to the golf industry. Having making shoes for decades they were eventually acquired but the chairman still has his email on every box encouraging you to email him with any feedback!

The Good

The first and honestly most important aspect for golf shoes in my opinion is the grip. Its one of the reasons I play exclusively spiked shoes. With that being said I wanted to try out Duca del Cosma’s spikeless tech. I was able to try these out in very dry Texas and I was able to take them out on a vacation to North Carolina where they had experienced a lot of rain. In the 4 rounds of golf + multiple range session I experienced one foot slip. That was on a very wet range in NC. Second swing of the day I had one tiny slip. I didnt expect such good performance in the rain from a spikeless shoe.

On a related note the shoe is advertised as waterproof but breathable. That is sometimes hard to do but Duca del Cosma has figured out the secret. My feet stayed dry in all situations. In fact before I knew it was going to rain in NC I wanted to test the waterproofness so I watered my yard, put on the shoes and went through my wet yard. The shoes kept my feet dry the entire test.

In addition to very little slippage I also loved the style of these shoes. When I opened the box I had some concern. The wing tip felt way too formal for shorts. My wife agreed. I decided to give it a go and they actually looked really nice with shorts. They didnt feel too formal or fancy. In fact after playing golf in NC my wife and I went to a brewery and I never changed out of them. They traveled off the course as well.

I also would be remiss if I didnt mention how comfortable these shoes were once I figured out the lacing. The first wear I had some foot pain but that happens a lot with shoes for me. All of my golf shoes have special lacing to keep that away. These didnt get laced that way at first but once they did the comfort was extraordinary

The Bad

The first thing I noticed was the weight of the shoe. They feel heavier than my Footjoys. I know it sounds petty but these weigh a full 2 oz more per shoe. Thats a quarter pounder per pair. That may not seem like a lot but that can make a big difference when walking 18 in the heat.

The second negative I would give to these shoes is the amount of wear they have shown after about a month. Thats not to say they arent durable or falling apart. They arent. They are just showing some creases and the foam on the outside is already pretty dirty. I know shoes crease and thats to be expected when they are worn but it is a little frustrating to see them crease this early. They still look good but its one of those things I notice.

Final Thoughts

The shoes are on the higher end of the price spectrum but with that you get fine Italian leather golf shoes. When you open the box they feel premium and have that new leather smell which I love. They meet all 3 of my requirements in a golf shoe. While being on the heavier side they are still comfortable, they grip well, and they look good. At $220 (on sale currently for $160) they are trying to go head to head with brands like Ecco. If you are looking at shoes in the higher end of the price spectrum you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didnt at least pull up the website and check out a few of the styles.

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