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Duca Del Coma Camelot Golf Shoes

When we talk about the golf swing one of the biggest things we hear is to “use the ground” to create speed. Well there is one thing that connects you to the ground and that is your shoes. When looking for shoes you need comfort, style, and grip in all conditions. Did the Duca DelContinue reading “Duca Del Coma Camelot Golf Shoes”

2021 Taylormade P790

Back in 2017 PXG essentially created a new iron category when they came onto the scene. Shortly after Taylormade came out with something so close PXG sued them. The club that caused all the controversy and really help usher in the new “players distance” category was the Taylormade P790. In 2019 we saw Taylormade introduceContinue reading “2021 Taylormade P790”

Blue Tees S3 Max Rangefinder Review

(Disclaimer: Blue Tees provided this unit for review) About 3 weeks ago I received a nice little brown box on my front door. I was super excited to open it up but I waited for an opportunity where I could open the box on YouTube. I was super impressed with the packaging. While the goodiesContinue reading “Blue Tees S3 Max Rangefinder Review”

Is this the future of golf retail?

Th other day I was walking around PGA Tour Superstore when I came across this. Now you will notice thats a bunch of ungripped Vokey wedges. When I first saw them I was super curious, then thought what an awesome idea that was. You could buy the grip of your choosing and they will installContinue reading “Is this the future of golf retail?”