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The Cold Snap

I am not someone who gets personal on this blog. I keep it strictly golf equipment or golf in general. After the week that I just went through I think its an interesting story to tell. As most of you have seen in the news Texas had one of the coldest weeks we have everContinue reading “The Cold Snap”

PGA Merchandise Show 2021

ITs Janurary and that means its time for the PGA Merchadise show! Its always a super exciting time for the golf equipment industry and The Green Fee is a credentialed media member this year! The show looks different this year (Thanks Covid) and has gone all digital. Lets take some time to preview the showContinue reading “PGA Merchandise Show 2021”

Wilson Golf Staff Model R

I love me some raw golf clubs. I love how they look and how they feel. Wilson has released a few raw irons and wedges. They have taken this to the next level and released a “raw” golf ball. If youre like me you are wondering wait! Didnt Wilson release a golf ball a whileContinue reading “Wilson Golf Staff Model R”

Titleist Tour Speed

A few months ago I posted a story on a virtual golf ball fitting with Titleist. In that story you may remeber I was fit for a Titleist Tour Speed golf ball. Part of the fitting was a mini sleeve of the balls. I decided to take these balls out on the course and toContinue reading “Titleist Tour Speed”

Titleist Virtual Golf Ball Fitting

During Covid-19 golf companies have needed to find a way to interact with their customers without being able to truly meet face to face in the traditional way. I discussed the Callaway virtual fitting event in a past article and Titleist has decided to also offer distance fittings but instead of fitting clubs they decidedContinue reading “Titleist Virtual Golf Ball Fitting”