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Ping i59 Irons

Today is the day! PING has finally released the long awaited i59 irons. We havent seen an update on this line from PING in about 5 years so it was about time. In 5 years equipment has changed. Lets see if PING has kept up with those changes! The Tech The most important piece ofContinue reading “Ping i59 Irons”

2021 Taylormade P790

Back in 2017 PXG essentially created a new iron category when they came onto the scene. Shortly after Taylormade came out with something so close PXG sued them. The club that caused all the controversy and really help usher in the new “players distance” category was the Taylormade P790. In 2019 we saw Taylormade introduceContinue reading “2021 Taylormade P790”

Is this the future of golf retail?

Th other day I was walking around PGA Tour Superstore when I came across this. Now you will notice thats a bunch of ungripped Vokey wedges. When I first saw them I was super curious, then thought what an awesome idea that was. You could buy the grip of your choosing and they will installContinue reading “Is this the future of golf retail?”

Titleist T-Series Irons 2021

Its getting into summer time and that means some companies are going to leak out some stuff on tour. Today started the possible “avalanche” of releases. Titleist began tour seeding for their new irons. Lets take a look at the new stuff! T100 and T100S When redesigning an iron used by the likes of JordanContinue reading “Titleist T-Series Irons 2021”

Podcast: The Biggest Name in Golf Youve Never Heard Of!

This weeks episode I give you a peek behind the curtain of the golf industry. I talk the biggest and most influential brand you have never heard of!  As always subscribe and rate! Follow me on Social Media Twitter- @thegreenfee1 Facebook-@thegreenfee Instagram- @thegreenfee Bourbon of the Week- My Own Infinity Bottle