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New Tour Edge Irons

One of my favorite days is new release day! Today we got new limited edition irons from Tour Edge. Tour Edge has some under the radar quality clubs. Lets take a look at some new irons EXS Blade If you like classic shapes then these will be the irons for you. Thin top line, thinContinue reading “New Tour Edge Irons”

Taylormade gives wedge customization to everyone

One of the coolest things about looking at a tour pros is seeing all the cool customization. The pros usually come up with some funny stuff. Anyone can stamp their own clubs but the way the guys on tour have it look is next level. Taylormade has joined some other OEMs in allowing you toContinue reading “Taylormade gives wedge customization to everyone”

Ballin’! Wilson Releases Staff Golf Ball (lol J/K)

I think one of the most underrated names in the golf equipment game is Wilson Staff. Anytime they release something it usually catches my attention. The most recent Staff blade was great as was the D7 line. I have hit a Wilson Staff tour level ball before and it performed great! The Golf Ball TheContinue reading “Ballin’! Wilson Releases Staff Golf Ball (lol J/K)”

Golf Pride Pro Only Putter Grip

Everyone has a preference with their putter grips. Some people like the large Super Stroke type putter grips. Others like the pencil thin Ping classic grip. Some like a pistol grip while others like a square grip. Its all a personal preference. ME personally prefer a grip that is Midsized but rubber. This often leadsContinue reading “Golf Pride Pro Only Putter Grip”

Vice Golf Balls vs ProV1x vs Srixon Z Star XV

Its about that time of the year where golfers begin to start setting up their bags for the upcoming season. Its time to figure out what clubs get to stay in the bag and which ones they may replace. Its also a good time to figure out exactly which golf ball to use for theContinue reading “Vice Golf Balls vs ProV1x vs Srixon Z Star XV”