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PGA Show: Day 1

Today was the first “official” day of the PGA Show and we got some doozies! We heard from Cobra explaining in more detail why their drivers are better, Mizuno releasing new woods and telling us their new marketing strategy, and XXIO released some VERY high end clubs. ST210 Drivers This was probably my favorite sessionContinue reading “PGA Show: Day 1”

Build a Bag under $1000

First of all Happy New Year! I hope you have set some goals and I also hope you achieve those goals. As I said on instagram my goals are to lose 50 lbs, see at least 5 rounds in the 70’s, and become a respected member of the golf media. Lets hope I hit myContinue reading “Build a Bag under $1000”

Taylormade SIM2 Drivers

We finally saw the newest Taylormade driver hit the USGA list. I posted some pictures a while ago but now we have some concrete proof that the SIM 2 is going to be a reality. Whenever we see pictures but dont have official details it’s time to WILDLY SPECULATE! What we know So far theContinue reading “Taylormade SIM2 Drivers”

Cobra RAD Speed

Back to back days with a OEM announcing a new driver! I love this time of the year. Yesterday was Srixon and today its time for Cobra! Cobra today brings the most unique name so far. Cobra announced the RAD Speed. The 3 driver lineup consists of the standard RAD Speed, The RAD Speed XB,Continue reading “Cobra RAD Speed”

Cobra 3D Printed Putter- Supersport 35

If you follow technology even a little you know we are headed to a world where 3D printing is going to be the norm. Companies have been using 3D printing for prototyping for years. When I worked at a shaft company I saw one used for making parts for another part of the company. WeContinue reading “Cobra 3D Printed Putter- Supersport 35”

Wilson Golf Staff Model R

I love me some raw golf clubs. I love how they look and how they feel. Wilson has released a few raw irons and wedges. They have taken this to the next level and released a “raw” golf ball. If youre like me you are wondering wait! Didnt Wilson release a golf ball a whileContinue reading “Wilson Golf Staff Model R”

Srixon ZX5 ZX7 and ZX Utility

As I say everytime I do one of these first look stories I love this time of year. I love opening my email and web browser to see new equipment. Then I love checking it out and telling you all about it! I will be honest and tell you I am slightly biased in todaysContinue reading “Srixon ZX5 ZX7 and ZX Utility”

Titleist Tour Speed

A few months ago I posted a story on a virtual golf ball fitting with Titleist. In that story you may remeber I was fit for a Titleist Tour Speed golf ball. Part of the fitting was a mini sleeve of the balls. I decided to take these balls out on the course and toContinue reading “Titleist Tour Speed”