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PGA Merchandise Show 2021

ITs Janurary and that means its time for the PGA Merchadise show! Its always a super exciting time for the golf equipment industry and The Green Fee is a credentialed media member this year! The show looks different this year (Thanks Covid) and has gone all digital. Lets take some time to preview the show this year and what we could see come out!

The Big Brands

With the show being all digital this year most of the big brands have already released their product. As I go through the names we have pretty much seen it all and know everything there is to know. There is one exception though. Last year Cobra did a special one off set of irons for Rickie Fowler called the RF-Proto. They are beautiful clubs but look impossible to hit. Well Cobra is releasing a limited number of these clubs to the public. Itll be cool to see the specs and how quick they sell out! Ive also been seeing some images of a possible new Mizuno driver and Fairway woods. There are also always a few surprises thrown in there. Follow me on social media to keep up to date with all the happenings.


My favorite part of the PGA show is the cool accessories from small brands. I have a couple of meetings set up with some brands that are really out producing some high end goods. Everything from headcovers to mobile launch monitors. Its going to be a super exciting week. I hope to introduce you to brands you have never heard of and even brands you have heard of but really tell you about their products and how they can help you! Expect a lot of cool interviews and products to come down!

Final Thoughts

Its always a fun week! Its a week you should stay glued to social media because a lot of stuff is going to happen and you will see a lot of stuff you havent yet!

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