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Initial Impression: JumboMax Ultra Lite

I remember back in 2012 when I was working at the golf scholl and top 100 club fitter we got these new grips called JumboMax. At the time it was the original Wrap series. They were massive and heavy. I never hit one but they felt so weird so I didnt even give it a thought.

A few years later a guy named Bryson DeChambeau started using them to achieve quite a bit of success if a US Open is your idea of success.

The idea of the JumboMax grip is to make the grip very oversized. The company used the example of a steering wheel on their website. A small steering wheel turns easily and a larger steering wheel requires more force to make the car move. If they make the grip really large it takes more force to close the clubface. Since it takes more effort and time to close the club face it should remain square to the target more. That should result in straighter shots. In theory it makes sense.

Initial thoughts

I went through all of my Arccos stats and noticed the times I lost strokes with driver were snap hooks. I have also noticed over the last few range sessions my face is closing at a VERY rapid rate and I am hitting huge hooks. In fact lately it has turned into a worm burning hooks. After talking with the guys from Jumbomax at the PGA show I decided to give one a go on a test driver I have.

I bought the Ultralight version of the JumboMax. The grip cost me about 11 bucks. In my hand it feels VERY different but honestly pretty good. It very much feels like a Winn grip. Durability is a concern but we wont know until it is out in the TX sun with sweaty hands. I have already hit it on a simulator and early results were good but inconclusive!

Early impressions are good but the real test is going to be how it performs outside. Does the hook become a draw or is it too restrictive and I start hitting high spinning weak slices? Look for the full review in a few weeks after I am able to ge tit out to the range and out on a course. Could I be going full JumboMax grips this year? Who knows!

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