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2021 Titleist T Series Irons

Its been almost 2 years since we last saw Titleist irons hit the market. With the tour seeding starting a few weeks ago we figure dit wa sonly a mtter of time until Titleist made the line up official and today was the day! Lets talk about the new lineup and see what Titleist is putting into the irons to make these their best irons ever

T100 & T100s

When we talk Titleist good players CB, the conversation use to begin with the AP2. Now it begins with the T100. Titleist has always been able to pack a lot of technology into this line up while simultaneously keeping it looking great. The 2021 version is obviously no different.

The first change we will see is new grind on the sole. With a little more bounce in the toe and a little less in the heel, we should see much improved turf interaction. This is a huge deal for those better players. Spieth has said the new grind helps him on uneven lies.

In addition to the new sole geometry, Titleist has also found a denser Tungsten to use in the clubs. What the hell does that mean? Well, the denser Tungsten plus a whole new way to attach the face to the rest of the club allows Titleist to really lock in that CG creating what Titleist is claiming is the most MOI in a “players” iron.

One of the more interesting features of the irons is the fact that Titleist actually created the long irons to increase the spin. This is actually quite smart. A big issue people have is getting the long irons in the air and to land at an angle that is actually useful. This will allow guys to hit those towering 4 irons that land softly rather than rolling 30 yards.

In addition to all that tech they made an absolutley beautiful club. At address its thin but not butter knife thin. I havent seen them in person so I wont say its perfect yet though. Overall though Titleist knocked it out of the park with these.


Since Titleist doesnt have to worry as much about keeping the club compact with the T200 series they are free to explore a little bit. The T200 series is what Titleist is calling their “most advanced iron”.

They have modified their key technology in the series called Max Impact 2.0. Its a core polymer that helps keep ball speed on off center hits as well as mass efficiency. Whatever the hell that means.. From there you are going to get a lot of the same story as the T100. New way to attach the face to reduce weight, higher density tungsten for forgiveness, etc etc.

Its a great looking club and one I honestly am excited to give a go.

Final Thoughts

With an iron fitting happening around the first of the year I am beyond excited to see some stuff start rolling out. The new irons have to be on the list of clubs to hit for 2022. Get excited folks! Launch season is getting close!

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