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The Week in Review

If you like wedges this was the week for you! Lets take a look at what leaked out this week and see if there are any clues about the release.

Callaway Jaws Full Toe

SMS_On_Tour which is the official instagram account of the official equipment survey of the European Tour showed us some new images of the Full Toe wedge from Callaway. The last full face wedge from Callaway was the PM Grind back in 2019. They have already hit tour and it should be a big hit with us golfers too. The full face wedges are getting more and more popular with people.

On these you can see some of the subtle weight changes they created for this wedge. The “T-Shaped” milling on the back of the wedge is thicker and larger. I think it pulls some of the weight away from the toe to balance it out a little. I love the forgiveness and versality it provides.

Ping Glide Forged Pro EYE2 Grind

One of the most iconic clubs of all time are the Eye2 irons from PING. In fact the PM Grind I mentioned from the Jaws paragraph was based on the Eye2. This is a high toe wedge that puts some weight further out towards the toe and makes everything from a flop shot to a splash out of the bunker easy.

I really like the fact we are going to get such a versatile wedge in a forged edition. A lot of the top wedges on the market arent forged but man do I still like forged wedges for their feel. Obviously before I go and put my foot in my mouth the type of metal used makes more of a difference but I digress. The biggest question I have is if they are going to do full face grooves. The Eye2 grind combined with full face grooves could be a real game changer

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